July 27, 2017

Jana + Alan | Pensacola Elopement

Jana and Alan were a breath of fresh air.  They got engaged, decided to marry right away for themselves, picked a date, bought Jana a plane ticket to Pensacola (where Alan is training with the Navy), called me, and eloped . . . all in a span of ten days.  Alan’s chaplain offered them use of the chapel on base at Corry Station, and they were joined by a handful of good friends and an aunt and uncle who live in Pensacola.  And me.  And that was it.  And it was lovely.

These two were so excited to get married – not because of the decorations, or the open bar, or the photos, or the flowers – but because they were just excited to BE married.  Their ceremony was full of laughter (and a few tears).  Once they tied the knot, we drove a few minutes back to our studio, for the prettiest set of bride and groom photos.  I loved the casual ease that Jana and Alan showed with one another, and the warmth they extended to me as well.  It was a perfect afternoon for this Pensacola elopement – glowing golden sunlight and canoodling as the afternoon wore on.

SIGNATURE ELOPEMENT  //  Principal Photographer: Aislinn


July 26, 2017

Abby | Fort Pickens Senior Portrait

Every time I photograph a senior session, I remember how much I enjoy it.  There are no time constraints, you can choose your locations with worrying too much about logistics (as you would on a wedding day), and your sole job is to capture someone’s personality and make them look and feel confident and beautiful.

Abby’s senior session has a special place in my heart – she was my flower girl when I got married 12 years ago!

Well, now we are both grown up and it was truly an honor to capture Abby at this special moment in her life.  This saltwater-loving Houston girl drove all the way to Pensacola, and we spent an incredible afternoon exploring our studio garden, Fort Pickens, and Pensacola Beach – and this session is one of my faves.

SIGNATURE SENIOR SESSION  //  Principal Photographer: Aislinn


HAIR & MAKEUP: Rachel with Dear Bride

July 24, 2017

Karen + Jeff | The Steeple, Mobile Wedding

We opened a studio in downtown Mobile, Alabama about a year ago, and it has been such a joy getting to know a new city. Mobile is so much more than I expected. I anticipated a very genteel Southern city, stepped in tradition and shaded by towering live oaks and magnolias; a slower and softer pace of living, beautiful manners, and lots of old bricks. And all of that is definitely there, and wonderful to see. But what I wasn’t expecting to find was a city brimming with a barely-contained sense of humor, quirky shops and restaurants that I would have expected to find in Austin or Portland (but not in stately Mobile!), and an overwhelming feeling of joy.

Karen and Jeff’s downtown Mobile wedding showcased all of this. They chose The Steeple on St. Francis as their venue – if you can’t seen this place, do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s a huge, deconsecrated church that dates back to 1842. After sitting vacant for some time, it was lovingly restored and rebirthed as an event venue, hosting concerts, meetings, and weddings in the large hall under the glow of the original stained glass windows. It is truly spectacular. While Karen and Jeff’s guests enjoyed cocktails in the lounge area downstairs, we spent a little bit walking around downtown taking photos. In what I am learning to see is true Mobile fashion, the main section of Dauphin Street was closed down for an annual pole vault competition; while collegiate and high school athletes ran down the center of the street and vaulted high the air, hundreds of Mobilians drank beer, ate tacos from food trucks, listened to music, and cheered them on. Also, one sweet, newly-married couple (and their photographer!), shouldered their way through the crowds and took a hilarious and awesome set of street photos while well-wishers shouted congratulations.

It was a beautiful day, full of love and laughter, dancing and confetti. THANK YOU Karen and Jeff for asking me to be a part of it!

SIGNATURE WEDDING // Principal Photographer: Aislinn // Second Shooter: Rachel O.


COORDINATION: Katie Leavins with Noble Events  //  GETTING READY VENUE: The Steeple on St. Francis   //  CEREMONY: The Steeple on St. Francis   //  RECEPTION: The Steeple on St. Francis   //  FLOWERS: Rosebuds  //  BAND: Black Jacket  //  CAKES: Pollman’s  //  RENTALS: Mobile Popcorn Company  //  CATERING: Naman’s

July 21, 2017


I now share my work because of the encouragement of the other photographers that were there. I loved getting to know one another and just being able to boost each other up and receive feedback. I can’t even put what I learned into a few sentences. The workshop was a MUST for me and I’m so happy that I did it!  -Morgan Waring (Everything Workshop alumna)

Confession time: I haven’t always been a photographer.  At 22-years-old, armed with a degree in literature, I walked into a high school and started my career as a high school English teacher.  And you know what?  I loved so many things about it.  Every day was different and interesting; my students were real people with real dreams and real problems; it gave me a chance to interact with literature every day, which felt pretty dreamy (to this day, if my nose isn’t in a camera or a glass of champagne, it’s probably in a book).  But my favorite part of teaching was discovering and learning things I thought I already knew – I realized I never really knew something until I taught it.

Fast forward fifteen years. My teaching career is many years behind me (I even photographed the wedding of one of my students!), and I started receiving more and more inquiries from photographers asking if I would be willing to mentor them.

So last February, I did a thing.  I hosted The Everything Workshop, and it was awesome.

Seven talented photographers (and pretty great people too, I should add!) joined me in our Pensacola studio for two days.  We laughed and learned, enjoyed each other’s company, and photographed a fake wedding. And you know what I realized?  I really miss teaching.  Talking through my own process (from shooting to editing to marketing to taxes) not only helped my workshop attendees, but it made me a better photographer and business owner as well.  At the end of The Everything Workshop, we all hugged goodbye and we have stayed in touch via social media.  About once a month, one of those greats even photographers reaches out to ask me if I am offering another workshop.  And finally, I AM.

The Everything Workshop 2.0 is coming.

Everything Workshop – September 27 & 28, 2017 ($525)

Even better, we are rolling out our year-long One-Day Workshop Series.  These workshops will be targeted for a specific skillset or theme.  You can register for only the one(s) you want, or you can reserve a spot in the entire suite of One-Day Workshops.

Lighting – October 3, 2017 ($350)

Marketing – January 10, 2018 ($350)

Posing – April 11, 2018 ($350)

Editing – July 18, 2018 ($350)

Want to come to all four of our One-Day Workshops?  You can reserve spots in all four for $1200 (a $200 savings).

All classes in our Workshop Series will take place in our Pensacola studio, and we are limiting them to 6-8 photographers to make sure there is plenty of time to address all questions and work individually with each participant.

Contact our awesome studio manager, Katie, to reserve your space, or with any questions: katie@aislinnkate.com  /  850-912-4888  /  web contact form

“I loved the styled shoot!! I thought the knowledge put to use was invaluable!! Learning through different lighting situations and how Aislinn would direct the couple was so helpful and such a confidence booster for me for my couples in the future.  I could go on and on… hands down my favorite workshop!!!”  –  Taylor Wright (Everything Workshop alumna)

“I started taking Sundays off. Its officially my family day.  I learned giving credit to the vendors, its such a small thing to do. But means so much to the of vendors who have to wait for photos.”  -Alley Kat Ashlock, Everything Workshop alumna 

“I have incorporated SO much knowledge from the workshop. 1. I shoot 80% of my portraits with my newly purchased 85, I started using Google adwords with crazy success. Also, at my last wedding DURING THE CEREMONY, I noticed I had a spot on the inside of my camera… due to Aislinn preaching about having the little blower thing handy, I took my lens off and blew it out right there!”  –  Sarah Hedden (Everything Workshop alumna)

And of course, since I’m a photographer, I had to take a quick headshot of all of the attendees in our studio garden!  LOVE this crew.  Seriously.