Ashton and Loren had the most ridiculously adorable downtown Pensacola wedding. The couple brought friends and family to our wonderful city to celebrate in marriage, and I’m not even sure if they know why they chose Pensacola, but I am so grateful they did. Ashton’s sweet and calm personality set the tone for the day. Loren was SO excited to see his new bride as he sweetly stated ,“she always looks like this.” The love and emotion between the couple and their family and friends brought me to tears more than once during the day (especially during Loren’s father’s toast – where I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house).

5eleven Palafox was the perfect venue for the couple and loved ones. The sounds from Any Day DJ kept the room moving to no end and I can’t express enough gratitude to the coordinators of the day (Shannon and Riley) for keeping things moving fluently without a hitch.

The bridal party was certainly one of the sincerest I’ve encountered. It was obvious that all their relationships had been cultivated over many great times and even some sad times, as heard in the best man’s speech, but the excitement and love in the room gave so much hope for the future of Ashton and Loren.


ASSOCIATE COLLECTION // Principal Photographer: Jeremy // Second Shooter: Tiffany // Assistant: Grace


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COORDINATION: Shannon Reeves // CEREMONY: Old Christ Church  // RECEPTION: 5Eleven // FLOWERS: Chrissy Helvenston Floral Design // CEREMONY MUSIC: Jessica Edwards // // DJ: Anyday DJ // OFFICIANT: Kevin Tilman  // HAIR: Dawn Hamill // MAKEUP: Dawn Hamill // WEDDING GOWN DESIGNER: Vera Wang // WEDDING GOWN BRIDAL SHOP: David’s Bridal // CATERING: Culinary Productions // INVITATIONS: Little White Invite (Lubbock Texas)

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  1. Jill Leven says:

    What a beautiful wedding and amazing pictures! Many wishes to the happy couple!