Can we please discuss this engagement session?  It is perfect.  Laura and Pete nailed “nautical chic” in such a beautiful way.  We started shooting at our studio in downtown Pensacola, then hopped on the AKP golf cart and took a tour of the historic district!  We hit a church, a brewery, and a brick wall (that sounds like the beginning of a joke) . . . we took photos with an adorable dog, a pint glass, and some sailboats . . . and we laughed a lot.  I love the way Laura and Pete coordinated their styling – the manage to wear red, white, and blue in a way that looks nautical and modern without looking at all kitschy, and I not-so-secretly want Laura’s cork heels.

SIGNATURE SESSION  |   Principal Photographer: Aislinn

PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-001 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-002 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-004 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-005 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-006 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-007 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-009 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-010 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-012 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-014 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-015 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-016 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-018 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-021 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-022 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-024 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-026 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-029 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-031 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-033 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-036 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-037 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-038



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