September 12, 2012

Kristin + Kyle | Pensacola Beach Wedding (Pensacola Photographer)

I cried a lot at this wedding.  The bride and groom were both just lovely, and there was so much genuine warmth and emotion between them and their families that it reminded me why I love being a part of weddings.  They were given perfect weather for their Pensacola Beach event (a miracle, given how soggy this summer has been), and it was my pleasure to witness it.

Props to Legacy Event Design for the great coordination!


Cutest wedding gift ever?  Kyle made Kristin a scrapbook of their romance . . .

. . . and he even covered every single image of himself so she didn’t “see” him before walking down the aisle!


August 28, 2012

Our Favorite Things: Rainy Day Weddings (Pensacola Wedding Photographer)

So, we are all snuggled in here in our household, prepared for power outages, flooding, and wind gusts due to Isaac.  Fortunately, the effects have thus far underwhelmed and we are sitting here in front of various electronic devices playing video games (children), watching football hype videos (husband), and blogging (me!).  This seemed like the appropriate time to whip up a quick post of our favorite shoots that were “ruined” by weather.  What we have learned from these rainy day shoots is to be thankful for the unexpected, because sometimes they can result in photo amazingness – but even when they don’t, they yield great stories!  Raising my glass to all of my wet brides!


Sometimes it rains, even on your wedding day…

But don’t fret, because sometimes it clears up just in time!  This wedding was postponed 20 minutes due to torrential downpours . . . which ceased in time for a gorgeous ceremony.

But when it doesn’t stop raining, make sure your back-up plan will wow.

Most of the time, even if a ceremony is moved in order to avoid drenched guests, there comes a break in the weather when a flexible bride and groom can dash outside for a few dry-ish photos . . .

. . . and colorful props do wonders for a gray sky.

Sometimes, the rains keeps on a-coming.  In this case, I highly recommend taking a swig of champagne, shrugging off your pursuit of perfection, and getting wet.

Absolutely, positively, don’t want to get wet?  Then rain presents a great opportunity to find unexpected angles.

 Check out this front porch we discovered while dashing out of the rain during an engagement shoot!

Also, the wet part of rain stinks.  But you know what’s pretty rad?  Rainbows  . . .

 . . . and low clouds that produce the most incredible sunsets.

August 21, 2012

Eda + Luis | Wedding (Pensacola Wedding Photographer shoots in Navarre, Florida)

Eda and Luis’s wedding was FUN.  Her family is Turkish and his is Honduran, but somehow everyone seemed to be perfectly able to communicate their joy.  Even an errant fire alarm didn’t put a damper on this party!  (What do you do if a fire alarm malfunctions?  Turn up the music and DANCE!).

Also, isn’t Eda’s dress BANANAS??  I love it.






August 17, 2012

McKay and Alyson: Mother and Daughter (Pensacola Wedding Photographer)

So, McKay is about to go back to college and her mother asked me to shoot a portrait of them together to remember her when she goes.  I love the way they interact with each other, and the way they coordinated their outfits!  (This shoot could be an ad for Lilly Pulitzer, could it not?).

Also – I usually shoot around sunset, but this sweet session was done as the sun was rising.  I know it’s tough to get up early, but look how gorgeous the lighting is!  Totally worth an extra cup of coffee…