May 11, 2017

Mallory + Brice | Brewton Country Club Wedding

You know what’s great?  A big old hometown wedding.  You know the ones I mean – where everyone remembers the bride’s first day of school, the families already know each other (if not in person, then certainly they know of each other), and the guests spend as much time catching up on each other’s lives as they do discussing the centerpieces.  I love the warmth and depth of natural interaction that happens at weddings like these, and I always get hugs at the end of the evening (and often throughout the day).  Mallory and Brice’s wedding in Brewton, Alabama was the perfect example of this.

I first met Mallory and Brice at their engagement session last fall, which goes down as one of my favorites (seriously, check it out here).  In every interaction I have had with them, they have been genuine and kind, and obviously completely smitten with one another.  The wedding day was no different.  Mallory and her bridesmaids got ready in an AMAZING historic home in Brewton, and we were able to use the grand staircase and antique furnishings to create beautiful indoor photographs.  Brice and his groomsmen arrived and I was so thankful for the beautiful weather, as it allowed us to fully utilize the gorgeous grounds, full of greenery and trees at every corner.  My favorite piece of the morning was watching Mallory and her bridal party hang out in the oversized four-poster bed (seriously, like five of them could fit under the blanket at one time).

Their church ceremony was followed with a lovely reception at the Country Club of Brewton, tastefully decorated with white flowers, lanterns, handmade signs with beautiful verses inscribed on them, and photos of the bride and groom.  The dance floor was never empty and the couple was sent off with well wishes and tons of confetti (my favorite type of grand exit!).

SIGNATURE WEDDING  //  Principal Photographer: Aislinn  //  Second Shooter: Grace


COORDINATION: Jane Rotch  //  GETTING READY VENUE: The Downing House (private home)  //  CEREMONY: First Baptist Church of Brewton   //  RECEPTION: Country Club of Brewton  //  FLOWERS: Herrington’s the Florist  //  CEREMONY STRING TRIO: Atkinson Duo  //  DJ: Matt with Any Day DJ  // TRANSPORTATION: Private vintage fire truck  //  CAKES: Betty Weber  //  RENTALS: Celebrations (Monroeville) + Southern Party Rentals (Brewton)  // OFFICIANT: Reverend Jack Fitts  //  HAIR: Verobella Salon (Brewton)  //  MAKEUP: Katie McBride  //  WEDDING GOWN DESIGNER: Allure  //  WEDDING GOWN BRIDAL SHOP: Pensacola Bridal Loft  // BRIDESMAIDS DRESS SHOP: David’s Bridal  //  GROOM’S SUIT DESIGNER: Ike Behar  //  GROOM + GROOMSMEN’S SUIT SHOP: Weaver’s Apparel & Fine Jewelry (Brewton)  // VIDEOGRAPHY: Frankie and Jan Lanier  //  CATERING: Country Club of Mobile  //  INVITATIONS: The Three Cute Mamas

May 9, 2017

Kayla + DJ | Bragg Mitchell Mansion Wedding

One of the things I like to do at the end of a wedding is recap the day with the second shooter and I always like starting with the event or detail that was their favorite from the day.

On the drive home from Kayla and DJ’s wedding, I asked Rachel what her favorite part of the day was and she responded with, “the groom’s portraits.”  I was at first a little surprised because our favorite things tend to be more sparkly most of the time (sorry grooms everywhere!), but my surprise was short-lived.  I asked why that portion of the day was her favorite this time, and she told me that DJ had asked her if she had seen Kayla yet; when she told him she had, with stars in his eyes he replied, “Isn’t she beautiful?”  I had to smile because it was so indicative of their relationship.  They met in college and well before they began dating, he went home and told his mom, “I’m going to marry that girl one day.”  A few years later, on a warm spring evening under arching southern oaks and encircled by their family and friends, he married that girl – just like he told his mom he would one day.  Sometimes you just know.

Kayla and DJ, if real life could be a fairy tale I am sure your story would be a happily ever after.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this chapter.


ASSOCIATE COLLECTION  //  Principal Photographer: Tiffany  //  Second Shooter: Rachel O.  //  Assistant: Grace



COORDINATION: Lydia Noble – Noble Events  //  GETTING READY VENUE: Airbnb  //  CEREMONY: Bragg Mitchell Mansion  //  RECEPTION: Bragg Mitchell Mansion  //  FLOWERS: Sherryll White  //  CEREMONY MUSIC: Mr. Love //  DJ: Mr. Love //  CAKES: Flour Girls  //  RENTALS: SoHo Events and Rentals  //   OFFICIANT: Keith Williams, Adrian Roberts (family member)  //  HAIR: Angie Varner  //  MAKEUP: Elesia B  //  WEDDING GOWN BRIDAL SHOP: I Do Bridal  //  BRIDAL ACCESSORIES: Etsy  //  BRIDESMAIDS DRESS SHOP: I Do Bridal  // GROOM’S SUIT SHOP: I Do Bridal  // GROOMSMEN’S SUIT SHOPS: I Do Bridal  //  VIDEOGRAPHY: Alex Young  //  CATERING: Lafayette Catering  //  INVITATIONS: Etsy 

May 8, 2017

Pam + Patrick | Pensacola Country Club Wedding

There is nothing quite like a splendid catholic church wedding followed by an outdoor reception on lush green grass with lots of loving, laughing and beautiful people. In a nutshell, that describes how Pam and Patrick’s big day went down.  The entire day was so easy and natural, much like their love for one another.

We first arrived at The Grand Hotel, where Pam and the ladies were getting prepped for the day.  Her dress was amazing, and all the details came together so well.  The couple chose to have a “first look” just to have that little bit of time to cherish one another before the actual ceremony was to take place.  It was a great opportunity use a beautiful outdoor setting and pull in all the natural elements away from everyone for a brief few minutes.

The ceremony was one of my favorite parts of the day.  It was filled with so much love and laughter.  Father Sylvester Peterka kept everyone’s attention with one of the best ceremony services I’ve witnessed.  He had so much knowledge of the couple and his delivery was heartfelt.  I wasn’t familiar with The Chevon-Corlew & Jeremiah 29:11 and Bailey Hinton, but they delivered some of the most spirit-filled gospel I’ve ever heard.  They were amazing and kept the bride in tears of joy!

The Pensacola Country Club hosted the festivities of the evening.  It was a pretty windy day, but it certainly didn’t hinder the celebration at hand.  The clear top tent was placed alongside the water where the couple were led by trumpets and a Blues Brothers feel.  The Celebrity All-Star Band keep the energy high all night and the dancing never stopped.

It was Mallory’s final wedding with us here at AKP, and I’m so blessed to have had her by my side for Pam and Patrick’s beautiful wedding.    We both enjoyed being there so much and can’t thank them enough for having us there to photograph, share and smile with everyone.  Congratulations, Pam and Patrick!  You’re already missed, Mallory!


ASSOCIATE WEDDING  //  Principal Photographer: Jeremy  //  Second Shooter: Mallory





COORDINATION: Gillianne Weddings  //  GETTING READY VENUE: Pensacola Grand Hotel  //  CEREMONY: St. Thomas More Church  //  RECEPTION: Pensacola Country Club  //  FLOWERS: Celebrations  //  CEREMONY MUSIC: The Chevon-Corlew & Jeremiah 29:11, Bailey Hinton  //  BAND: Celebrity All Star Band  //  TRANSPORTATION: Celepretty and Bay Limousine  //  CAKES: Betty Weber  //  RENTALS: Marry Me and Soho Events and Rentals  //  OFFICIANT: Father Sylvester Peterka  //  HAIR: Heidi (Allure Salon)  //  MAKEUP: Melody Weber  / //  WEDDING GOWN BRIDAL SHOP: Kleinfeld  //  BRIDAL ACCESSORIES: Elebashs //  GROOM’S SUIT DESIGNER: Vera Wang  //  GROOM’S SUIT SHOP: Men’s Wearhouse  //  GROOMSMEN’S SUIT DESIGNER: Vera Wang  //  GROOMSMEN’S SUIT SHOPS: Men’s Wearhouse  //  VIDEOGRAPHY: Storylive Productions  //  CATERING: Pensacola Country Club

May 5, 2017

Meredith + William | Washington Square Mobile Wedding

We opened an office and small studio in Mobile, Alabama last fall, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the city.  It’s only an hour from Pensacola (seriously, 60 minutes exactly from the door of our Pensacola office to our space in downtown Mobile), but it feels like a different world.  Where Pensacola is laidback and coastal, Mobile is funky and rich with tradition.  It’s a city that prides itself on being unique and fun, and I love the little pockets of surprises I find all over the city.  So far, my favorite area (and one I had no idea existed!), is the Oakleigh Garden Historic District.  It’s full of gorgeous homes (most flirting with being centenarians), funky details, and is centered around the most perfect neighborhood park – Washington Square.  Sweeping oak trees with moss growing around the limbs, camellias bursting with flowers all winter long, and a gorgeous central fountain make this park the perfect spot of photos.  And weddings.

Meredith and William have a pretty cool story.  They met twenty years ago (give or take), tried dating long distance for a hot second, then stayed in touch as distant friends often do . . . over the phone, then social media.  After watching each other’s lives unfold from states away, these two met up again in the flesh, fell in love, and decided to make it official.  Meredith lives in the Oakleigh District in downtown Mobile, in the most perfect cottage with incredibly-curated interior design (I mean seriously, only Meredith could make a giant wad of Mardi Gras beads into perfectly classy decor!).  They chose to hold their intimate ceremony, attended by only closest family and friends, right in Washington Square.  The sun shone as their dogs walked down the aisle, and guests sipped on champagne and rose while the couple said their vows.  The brunch reception that followed at Kitchen on George was lovely – chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, and a fabulous jazz band.  What a perfect day for a perfect couple.

SIGNATURE WEDDING  //  Principal Photographer: Aislinn  //  Second Shooter: Rachel W.



COORDINATION: Laura at Noble Events //  CEREMONY: Washington Square   //  RECEPTION: Kitchen George  //  FLOWERS: Rosebud  //  CEREMONY VIOLINIST: EnEn Yu through Mobile Symphony Orchestra  //  JAZZ TRIO: Chip Harrington and two others through Mobile Symphony Orchestra //  CAKES: Cakes by Judi  //  RENTALS: Port City Rentals (Mobile)  //  CAKE BALLS: Cream and Sugar  //  OFFICIANT: Judge Vernon Cotten  //  HAIR: Garilynn Gillespie //  WEDDING GOWN DESIGNER: Nicole Miller  //  GROOM’S SUIT DESIGNER: Zegna  //  INVITATIONS: Soiree Signatures