February 23, 2017

Judy + Dan | Downtown Mobile Engagement

Judy and Dan’s Mobile engagement session embodies all of the qualities I love about lower Alabama.  We started in a lovely downtown park, tucked away amongst historic homes and soaring live oaks.  As the sun set over the Oakleigh District, Judy and Dan canoodled in the golden light, with coral camellias bursting with color behind them.  Their adorable pup (a Pomeranian puffball named Kisho) frolicked with them, having a grand old time barking at the neighborhood dogs and (I swear), smiling for the camera every time I clicked the shutter. The gentile and languid feel of the garden photos just exemplifies the grace of the South.

But the south is more than soft gentility – February brings MARDI GRAS season, and Mobile claims to be the oldest city celebrating the tradition (take that, New Orleans!).  On our drive back to the studio from the park was interesting, as we ran into hundreds of people lining blocked off streets, preparing for the night’s Mardi Gras parade.  After a momentary panic, we embraced the bustle, and finished up our session walking around Dauphin Street, twirling against a backdrop of purple and gold decorations and tons of revelers.  I love the sense of place in the second set of this gorgeous engagement session.

SIGNATURE SESSION  |  Principal Photographer: Aislinn


February 15, 2017

Jessica + Mike | Whiskey Bar Engagement Session

Engagement session are awesome. They give you a chance to really show your personality (because no matter how awesome your wedding gown is, your true style is probably not to be found in tulle, lace, and ribbon). Are you outdoorsy and casual? Then how fun to plan your proposal or engagement session on a farm? Are you urban a chic and realistically wear 80% black clothes? Then what about a nighttime session in a big city, with sparkling lights behind you to glimmer off your new engagement ring? Introverted and love chilling at home? Then a lifestyle, home-based session is for you, complete with your pets, furry socks, and a bowl of popcorn.

Jessica and Mike love downtown Pensacola, so it was a no-brainer to base our session there. They strolled around our brick streets, canoodled in gardens, and we ended up at a place that was a win for everyone – Old Hickory Whiskey Bar. This Pensacola landmark is one of the couple’s favorite hangouts. They serve crafted, seasonal cocktails in vintage-style glasses, and the dark, intimate setting was just perfect for these photos of Jessica and Mike being – well, being Jessica and Mike.

SIGNATURE SESSION // Principal Photographer: Aislinn





February 2, 2017

Laura + Pete | Pensacola Engagement Session

Can we please discuss this engagement session?  It is perfect.  Laura and Pete nailed “nautical chic” in such a beautiful way.  We started shooting at our studio in downtown Pensacola, then hopped on the AKP golf cart and took a tour of the historic district!  We hit a church, a brewery, and a brick wall (that sounds like the beginning of a joke) . . . we took photos with an adorable dog, a pint glass, and some sailboats . . . and we laughed a lot.  I love the way Laura and Pete coordinated their styling – the manage to wear red, white, and blue in a way that looks nautical and modern without looking at all kitschy, and I not-so-secretly want Laura’s cork heels.

SIGNATURE SESSION  |   Principal Photographer: Aislinn

PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-001 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-002 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-004 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-005 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-006 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-007 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-009 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-010 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-012 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-014 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-015 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-016 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-018 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-021 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-022 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-024 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-026 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-029 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-031 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-033 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-036 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-037 PREVIEWS-Laura+Pete-038



January 31, 2017

Kellie + Sean | Lee House Wedding

One of my very favorite things about experiencing weddings each weekend is that I get swept away in a couple’s aesthetic vision – I fall in love with deep reds and dramatic tablescapes . . . I giggle joyfully at witty details and polka dots . . . and I love the timeless romance of classic elegance.  But every once in a while, I get to be a part of a wedding that embodies a design vision that feels like my own – and Kellie and Sean’s wedding was just that.  This downtown Pensacola wedding incorporated all of the pieces I love – lavender, champagne (in the cutest splits, one for every guest!), a blush gown, lush florals, cozy blankets, and dancing all night long.  Kellie’s separates wedding gown was stunning and understated and incredibly current, with its asymmetrical skirt and tank top (and pairing it with a cropped denim jacket for the evening?  ALL THE STYLE.).  Sean’s slim fit Ted Baker suit was just as chic, and the couple looked like they danced their way out of a wedding magazine.  They married in the back courtyard of 5eleven Palafox, under a huge wooden arbor that Sean built for Kellie (and which I believe is going to live in perpetuity in their backyard), and it was dripping with the prettiest, deconstructed geometric vases, each cradling a single succulent.  The fuzzy gray blankets (“Get cozy!” read the tags) waited for the guests on their chairs, and it was amazing seeing their friends and family snuggled up together watching the ceremony.

SIGNATURE COLLECTION  //  Principal Photographer: Aislinn  //  Second Shooter: Jeremy  //  Assistant: Rachel W.

Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0391 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0392 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0393 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0394 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0395 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0396 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0397 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0398 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0399 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0400 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0401 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0402 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0403 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0404 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0405 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0406 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0407 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0408 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0409 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0410 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0411 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0412 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0413 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0414 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0415 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0416 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0417 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0418 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0419 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0420 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0421 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0422 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0423 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0424 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0425 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0426 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0427 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0428 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0429 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0430 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0431 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0432 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0433 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0434 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0435 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0436 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0437 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0438 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0439 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0440 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0441 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0442 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0443 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0444 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0445 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0446 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0447 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0448 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0449 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0450 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0451 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0452 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0453 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0454 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0455 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0456 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0457 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0458 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0459 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0460 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0461 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0462 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0463 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0464 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0465 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0466 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0467 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0468 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0469 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0470 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0471 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0472 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0473 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0474 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0475 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0476 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0477 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0478 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0479 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0480 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0481 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0482 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0483 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0484 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0485 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0486 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0487 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0488 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0489 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0490 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0491 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0492 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0493 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0494 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0495 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0496 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0497 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0498 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0499 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0500 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0501 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0502 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0503 Pensacola-Destin-Wedding-Photographer_0504


COORDINATION: Chloe with Supposey // PHOTOBOOTH: Posey Bus // GETTING READY VENUE: Lee House // CEREMONY: 5eleven Palafox  // RECEPTION: 5eleven Palafox // FLOWERS: Supposey // GUITAR: John Evans (So-Cal Wedding Guitar) // DJ: Ramsey with Any Day DJ // TRANSPORTATION: Beach Bum Trolley // CAKES: Cakes by Abby Reeves // RENTALS: Supposey // OFFICIANT: Chad Edmonson // HAIR + MAKEUP: Volume One Salon // Skin by Kendall Lyn // WEDDING GOWN DESIGNER: Carol Hannah // WEDDING GOWN BRIDAL SHOP: The Sentimentalist (Atlanta) // BRIDAL SHOES: Toms // JEWELRY: Anthropologie // GROOM’S SUIT DESIGNER: Ted Baker // CATERING + BAR: Great Southern // INVITATIONS: Yellow Lily Design Studio