July 10, 2017

Emily + Basar | Old Christ Church Wedding

I think one of the most crucial elements to being a good wedding photographer is honestly enjoying working with people.  Every weekend brings new couples with new families and friends, and I so love the opportunity to be a part of so many special days for so many people.  I am truly a people person.

It is nearly always my preference to meet and get to know my couples prior to photographing them on the wedding day, but sometimes it just isn’t possible.  I was able to meet with Emily and her parents only once before her wedding and did not have opportunity to meet Basar until it was time for me to photograph him with his groomsmen just a few hours prior to the ceremony.  I was a bit nervous, but those nerves were immediately put at ease because I quickly found them both to be two of the kindest, loveliest people I have met.  In fact, if I had to choose one word to describe them and their wedding day it would be lovely.  Emily is as kind as she is beautiful and has a sweetness that fills the room, and Basar is funny and warm.  Together along with their lovely group of family and friends they are pure magic.  Lovely, funny, warm, sweet magic.

At the end of the evening after wishing them well and heading back to the studio, my husband texted me to ask how my day had been and my response was, “Lovely.  It was a lovely, perfect wedding day.”

Thank you so much, Emily and Basar, for inviting us into your lives for the day.  It was such a joy working with you!

ASSOCIATE WEDDING  //  Principal Photographer: Tiffany  //  Second Shooter: Rachel W.


COORDINATION: Great Southern Weddings – Rylee  //  GETTING READY VENUE: Lee House  //  CEREMONY: Old Christ Church   //  RECEPTION: Lee House  //  FLOWERS: Celebrations  //  CEREMONY MUSIC: Nathan Witter + Bethany  // CEREMONY TRANSLATOR: Burcu Goker  //  DJ: Any Day DJ – Ramsey  //  TRANSPORTATION: Celepretty  //  CAKES: Cake Gallery  //  OFFICIANT: Stephen Echsner  //  HAIR: Moonflower – Rodney Kehl  //  MAKEUP: Sheryl Schwartz Hanssen with Next Level Salon //  WEDDING GOWN DESIGNER: Pronovias  //  WEDDING GOWN BRIDAL SHOP: Calvet Couture Bridal  //  BRIDAL ACCESSORIES: Calvet Couture Bridal  //  BRIDESMAIDS DRESS DESIGNER: Jenny Yoo  //  GROOM’S SUIT SHOP: The Black Tux  //  GROOMSMEN’S SUIT SHOPS: The Black Tux  //  VIDEOGRAPHY: Timothy (Dan) Hillman  //  CATERING: Classic City  //  INVITATIONS: Wedding Paper Divas // Tent:  Gulf Coast Tents // FLOWER GIRL DRESSThe Bridal Loft

July 7, 2017

Sarah + Justin | St. Paul’s Catholic Church Wedding

Rainy day weddings can always be a bit challenging when it comes to weddings.  So many times, we have an expectation that the day needs to be blue skies and sunny for everything to work out.  Initially upon the thought of contrasting weather, I tend to think of how difficult my job is going to be and how capturing all the great moments of the day may require a little more creativity on my part.  That’s when I remember just how exciting wedding photography really is.  Photographing weddings is a passion of mine for that very reason.  I don’t have to create those moments – I just create space and allow them to happen.  The weather is just another variable in how my creativity with camera will take place that day.

Sarah and Justin didn’t seem to be phased at all by the weather on their big day.  In fact, I don’t think I heard one thing about the elements that day.  Not to mention, they just don’t seem to be the complaining type.  They had a beautiful St. Paul’s Catholic Church wedding with the reception being held at 5eleven in downtown Pensacola.  St. Paul’s is a fairly new church building and I think it’s beautiful.  Mother nature decided to give us a bit of a break between the ceremony and reception to go out and capture some amazing portraits of the two of them.

The weather can certainly be challenging for weddings.  I think that if you keep the main thing “the main thing,” rain or shine, your wedding day will absolutely be amazing.  I think challenges help us thrive and blossom.  Sarah and Justin are most certainly thrivers!

ASSOCIATE WEDDING  //  Principal Photographer: Jeremy  //  Second Shooter: Grace


 GETTING READY VENUE: East Hill Home  //  CEREMONY: St. Pauls   //  RECEPTION: 5Eleven  //  FLOWERS: Brenda Smith (Design Houzz)  // CAKES: Cake Gallery  // OFFICIANT: Father Kevin McQuon  //  HAIR: Kace from Vibe  //  MAKEUP: Jackie Merlau with Kaelah Carew  // BRIDAL ACCESSORIES: Badgley Mischka  //  BRIDESMAIDS DRESS DESIGNER: TwoBirds  // GROOM’S SUIT DESIGNER: Yaly Couture  //  GROOM’S SUIT SHOP: Yaly Couture  // CATERING: Culinary Productions

July 6, 2017

Amber + Ashton | Private Home Wedding

Once again, this wedding season presented me with a new space to capture beauty.  So many of the homes in Milton have tons of property attached to them, and that’s exactly what Amber and Ashton were able to take advantage of at her mom and dad’s home.  To me, “backyard” weddings are so cool.  It seems to release a little more creative energy than most wedding venues, only because the spaces being utilized aren’t typically used for this type of event at all.

The ceremony was held in an area that Amber’s father cleared out and they trimmed a massive overhanging tree to drape.  It framed the ceremony wonderfully and it almost had the feel of being totally in the woods.  The bridesmaids took Amber’s father’s classic gold Thunderbird for a small trip on the property to arrive to the ceremony in style.  There was something so pure about the union of these two, and it was heartfelt.  Both of their families were so warm and nurturing.  Amber and Ashton had no problem showing their love for their parents.

The couple didn’t need a DJ, as they certainly had friends and family with a talent to MC the festivities of the evening.  Amber’s father gave a speech that was so meaningful, she couldn’t begin to hold the tears back.  The classic T-bird showed itself once again for the couple’s grand exit.  Amber and Ashton’s wedding was a wonderful day!

ASSOCIATE WEDDING  //  Principal Photographer: Jeremy  //  Second Shooter: Rachel W.


COORDINATION: Natalie Liongson  //  GETTING READY VENUE: HOME  //  CEREMONY: HOME   //  RECEPTION: HOME  //  FLOWERS: Fiore //  CAKES: Ashley Evers  //  RENTALS: Gulf Coast Tents //  OFFICIANT: Joe Denmon  //  HAIR: Brittany Huggins   // GROOM’S SUIT SHOP: Nixon’s //  CATERING: Nancy’s

July 5, 2017

Elise + Will | Pensacola Elopement

It’s always great to step into a different situation in our line of work.   It can bring about new challenges, new perspective, and even allow fresh creative energy to flow.  It was amazing to be given the opportunity to just go out and photograph such a fun-loving couple with so much freedom and expression.  Elise and Will were fantastic to work with and we had a pretty great time during this laid back, courthouse elopement and portrait session.

Elise and Will wanted the social aspect of their wedding to be low-key, so they chose to simply go to the courthouse.  It was just the two of them, myself, and Grace assisting me for the evening.  We met them at New World Landing where they had a room to prep themselves and do a sweet card exchange.  Elise is quite the DIYer, as she formed her bouquet and even made their own wedding cake.  Her dress was laced beauty and Will’s suit was super sharp.

After leaving the courthouse, we had discussed the direction they wanted to take on their portraits, and it came down to working a bit downtown as well as hitting up Fort Pickens for the remainder of daylight.  Elise, as crafty as she is, had a few props she wanted to incorporate into the shoot, and I must say that the horse and unicorn masks were not only a first for me, but super fun!  We had a great time being part of Elise and Will’s wedding experience!

ASSOCIATE COLLECTION  //  Principal Photographer: Jeremy  //  Assistant: Grace


GETTING READY VENUE: Skopelos at New World  //  CEREMONY: Escambia County Courthouse // WEDDING GOWN DESIGNER: Banana Republic  //  WEDDING GOWN BRIDAL SHOP: Banana Republic Outlet  //  BRIDAL ACCESSORIES: Jessica Simpson //  GROOM’S SUIT DESIGNER: Express  //  GROOM’S SUIT SHOP: Express  //  GROOM’S SHOES: Clark’s